Grand Entertainment & Music Inc announces preliminary agreement with
2.4 million dollar revenue potential

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Grand Entertainment & Music Inc. (ticker symbol: genm) has verbally commited to an agreement with Canadian based Music Producer.
  • Company has verbally committed to an agreement with famed producer Vincent Egret best known for Dubmatique, Rainmen, Chapin and Mellowman projects
  • Through this venture GENM has been given access to the major record labels in the French and European markets
  • Joint Venture will entail four projects per year
  • Gem CEO & President, Fred Berlin, stated, "This is a huge opportunity for our company and should, along with our other recent developments, prove significantly beneficial to our future growth"
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Quick Facts About GENM
  • Established presence in the music industry with studios in operation for over 20 years
  • Recently signed major joint venture with Universal Music France
  • Signed one of the top young artists in the hot Reggaeton genre
  • Company operates in its own 3,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility which has produced thousands of albums
  • Has 23 Gold and Platinum records to its credit
  • Company listed in 283 billion dollar industry
  • Sophisticated web-site (currently under development) will revolutionize music downloading and generate six different revenue streams for the company
  • In final web-partnership negotiations with major players
  • Company is currently branching out to other segments in the entertainment industry including film and television
  • Stock price bouncing off recent lows!
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Stock price bouncing off recent lows! For the latest stock quotes and news headlines on GENM Click Here
About GENM
Grand Entertainment & Music, better known as GEM, is an independent music producer with hundreds of clients and artists worldwide. Gem produces, promotes, markets and controls the copyrights on a vast array of musical recordings in all formats including DVDs, CDs, Cassettes, and even Vinyl records. The Company’s copyright library consists of a large repertoire of titles in the genre’s of rock, dance, R&B, and rap. Additionally, the Company’s studios have produced voice-overs and sound tracks for commercials and film which have been used in radio, television and in theaters.

GEM is uniquely poised to take advantage of the current climate in the entertainment industry. Due to the fact that we own and control all our content, we will establish ourselves as a consolidator of quality music catalogues, copyright controllers, and administrators in the independent music industry. It is our mission to grow GEM’s current library to a critical mass of a minimum of 10,000 titles and to eventually become a leading provider of downloadable music and finished product sales directly to consumers over the Internet.

GEM is a publicly traded company. SYMBOL: GENM (Other OTC)

For the latest stock quotes and news headlines on GENM Click Here

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