April 10, 2006
Current Price: $1.30

NEWS FLASH: According to the NPD Group located in Port Washington, NY, total US apparel sales reached $181 billion in the United States alone in 2005, a 4% increase over 2004. The apparel industry realized another strong year of growth, and this was also true globally. China, for example, saw its country’s exports rise to over $107 billion, up over 21% from the previous year. Further, U.S. textiles and apparel enterprises remain a critical part of the national economy providing over 1.4 million jobs.

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Ever Glory was founded in 1993 and owns a full subsidiary company, Nanjing Goldenway Garment Co, Ltd located in China. This entity allowed their business to expand throughout Europe and increase revenues as well as new growth opportunities.

Ever Glory International Group, Inc. is a diverse public company seeking opportunities in the manufacture and sale of apparel to well-known casual wear, outerwear and sportswear brands and retailers. The company manufactures all of its products from one 10,000 square meter factory in Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone in Nanjing, China. This factory is equipped with highly advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. The factory employs a staff of 700 people with an annual production capacity of over 1 million pieces. The company’s customers include large retailers and well-known brands such as Levi, Guess, Old Navy, Brooks Brothers, Harley-Davidson, Jones, Edwin, Bobson, Big John, Reebok, The North Face, Fat Face, STS and Polo. At present the market distribution is segmented at 35% in Japan, 50% in Europe and 15% in the United States. With high quality and excellent services, the EGLY meets their clients’ needs.

Varying tastes, interests, attitudes, and previous experiences all combine to allow each of us to see something before us that has great potential. Despite being around for over ten years now, Every Glory is an emerging growth company with quality products. To achieve success, the chief executive and his management team have put more blood, sweat and tears in their efforts to create a winner than the average shareholder can imagine—and they are about to be rewarded. 

Focused Growth Strategy
Finding those companies with the right people, products and potential is the most challenging and exciting part of the business of “picking stocks.” We are not concerned with whether the market is up or down, cheap or dear, but what the prospects are for our picks. The world has definitely become a smaller place, and in turn, very competitive. Many companies have subsidiaries that are located or doing business in other countries, and this company is no different. They can’t help but benefit by the growth in these locations. As such, we feel Ever Glory is a solid candidate to be owned in any long-term growth investment portfolio provided they follow their business plan. At the current price of $1.30, the appeal here lies in the large multiple of profits that can be achieved with a modest initial investment. EGLY has achieved a steady 30% increase in annual sales over the past ten years and net revenues are on the rise. This multinational enterprise specializing in garment manufacturing and exports recently announced a new agreement with Bestseller, a Danish firm, with an initial order in the amount of $1,400, 000. This is the type of news that will definitely help reward loyal shareholders.

The company is well positioned to participate in the future growth of the apparel industry. At its current price of $1.30 per share, it is hard to conceive either from a fundamental or technical point of view that investors won’t come out as big winners over the long term. Visit the company’s web site at www.everglorygroup.com for additional information.

  • Ever Glory has important relationships with retailer chains such as: ITOYOKADO, UNIQLO, Debenhams, The GAP, C&A, Next, BHS, TESCO, J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart and others
  • The company is enjoying expanding revenues and new alliances with major retailers worldwide
  • EGLY’s valuation is attractive based on growth prospects

Ever Glory International Group Now Listed and Trading on Frankfurt Exchange

SAN FRANCISCO, April--, 2006 (PRIMEZONE via COMTEX)—Ever Glory International Group (EGLY.OB) is pleased to announce that its shares are being traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol (Frankfurt: E4G). International Security Identification Number (ISIN/CUSIP) number is US2997661051 and German Security Code ("Wertpapierkennummer”) is A0HNH8. Because Frankfurt exchange is the third largest organized exchange-trading market in the world (just behind the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges), in terms of turnover and dealings in securities, Ever Glory International Group anticipates a much wider, international market access for EGLY shares. The listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange provides the Company with increased exposure to worldwide capital markets and will enable Ever Glory International Group to attract European institutional and individual investors to trade the Company's common stock in Euros. This new listing will not dilute Ever Glory's shares in any way.

“This is going to be a huge step in the development of Ever Glory International Group for many years to come. The Company’s revenues continue to grow explosively. We view the listing of our stock on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as an opportunity for The Company to become a major player in this multi-billion worldwide market," stated Edward Kang, President and CEO of Ever-Glory International Group.

Edward Kang continued, "We have seen a significant level of European interest in our manufacturing service. A Frankfurt listing will enhance awareness of the company and increase our corporate profile in the European investment community. The Frankfurt Exchange is one of the most widely respected exchanges in Europe and it is a thrill to commence trading there. “

About Frankfurt Stock Exchange

FWB® Frankfurter Wertpapierborse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) is one of the world's largest trading centers for securities. It is owned and operated by Deutsche Börse, which also owns the European futures exchange Eurex and clearing company Clearstream. The Deutsche Borse's products and services portfolio cover the entire process chain including securities and derivatives trading, transaction settlement, the provision of market information, as well as the development and operation of electronic trading systems. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has over 90 percent of turnover in the German market and a big share in the European market.For more information, visit the Deutsche Borse at: http://deutsche-boerse.com.  

About Ever-Glory International Group

Ever-Glory International Group (EGLY) is a U.S. publicly-traded company engaged in international garment manufacturing for well-known middle to high-grade casual, outer, and sportswear brands. The company's U.S. headquarters is based in Los Angeles, CA; although Ever-Glory also owns a full subsidiary company, Nanjing Goldenway Garments Co. Ltd. located in China. Ever-Glory has strategic marketing and logistics channels located in, Japan, Europe, and United States and has strategic business partners in countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, the U.S., and the U.K. The Company cooperates with well-respected garment retailer chains such as ITOYOKADO, UNIQLO, Debenhams, GAP, C&A, NEXT, BHS, TESCO, M&S, J.C.PENNY, WARL-MART, KELLWOOD (KWD), B.B.DAKOTA and ABERCROMBIE & FITCH (ANF) in handling high and middle grade casual-wear and sportswear. The company entered into production and sale cooperationagreements with a number of internationally famous brands such as LEVI'S, GUESS (GES), OLDNAVY, BROOKS BROTHERS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON (HDI), JONES, EDWIN, BOBSON, BIG JOHN, REEBOK (RBK), THE NORTH FACE,FAT FACE, STS and POLO. The company employs about 700 people. At present, the market distribution is segmented as 35% in Japan, 50% in Europe and the 15% in United States.

For more information about Ever-Glory International Group, please visit: http://www.everglorygroup.com.

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