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Subject: Summary of comments
Date: 2003-02-17 05:47:58
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I summarized most of everyone's comments in one document, and one thing
struck me almost immediately: we're trying to do to much at once. Many
of the proposed "problems" are minor little changes to a document that
looks like it's going to undergo some serious revision before we're done
with it.

In the interests of completeness, I've attached the document I drafted.
It is an attempt to summarize the more important (and non-overlapping)
issues presented by each person.

I recommend everyone look it over, and select two (2) things you want to
see done first. That way we'll only have at most 10 things to deal with.
Once we've dealt with those 10, we can pick another 10. Otherwise this
will quickly become totally unmanageable. We don't want to have
neverending, branching discussions that rapidly lose focus and are
difficult to summarize as a concise change to the bylaws.

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