Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

From: Mark Constable <markc(at)renta(dot)net>
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Subject: Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source
Date: 2003-05-01 00:10:21
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On Thu, 1 May 2003 06:58 am, Ean Schuessler wrote:
> ...
> If you, or Klaus, think that Knoppix should form the basis of a new
> Debian installer then I say "awesome". However, I think you should focus
> on the technical problems rather than an imagined political schism.

Ean, thank you for your comments on my posting.

The socio/politcal schism I see is actually with KDE in Debian
and not so much with Knoppix per se. The introduction of KDE 3.1
in Debian mainstream was painful, fragmented and fragile. There
really needs to be a focussed KDE devel TEAM to get away from the
cult-of-personality and individual burn-out factors.

My point comes back to the subject of this thread... which is how
to provide an "open accounting" system of contributd resources to
segments of open source projects that the contributer WANTS their
contribution to go towards. As one individuals example, I do not
want my meagre share of whatever resources I can spare to go into
some black hole where other people decide my contribution can go
where they deem fit and I have no further control over the matter.

There is a simple solution to this dilema for me, don't contribute
anything and then I don't have a problem with this "problem".

However, WHAT IF (?) there are 1000s of mostly happy Debian users
out there with itches they could scratch but have no time or
inclination to directly attack the technical issues, but would
still be prepared to "contribute something"... and more likely
to do so if they felt, as I do, their contribution(s) went more
directly to the areas they deem important. The typical answer of
"be a real man and do some real work" simply doesn't cut it in
the 21st centrury with 99.9% of potential linux desktop users.

Gilles Pelletier has detailed his security concerns, I have noted
my KDE-in-Debian (KDEB) concerns, others have mentioned the partial
or whole adoption of Knoppix as a Debian install option. I only
have vague suggestions as to how to leverage this imagined windfall
of "contributed stuff" to help sponsor these efforts but this post
is long enough already.



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