Re: Up to date statements of account?

From: Wichert Akkerman <wichert(at)wiggy(dot)net>
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Subject: Re: Up to date statements of account?
Date: 2008-09-25 15:10:42
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Previously MJ Ray wrote:
> Andrew Sullivan <ajs(at)crankycanuck(dot)ca> wrote: [...]
> > 1. When can we anticipate that the current account statements will be
> > up to date?
> A proper treasurer report should be posted to -private by next
> Wednesday, according to the last meeting.
> > 2. When can we anticipate that procedures (or paid staff, or both)
> > will be in place to ensure that the accounts will be kept up to date?
> I'm not aware of the board having promised to do this at all yet.
> AFAICT, Bdale Garbee is the only current board member who made
> anything like a promise to do that: "Financial transaction processing
> and other basic processes aren't glamorous, but if we can't get them
> right, there's little point in trying to do anything else."
> Remember that SPI contributors did not elect candidates like Ian
> Jackson and myself who made promises about SPI's basic business
> performance, so it's fairly understandable if the board have put a low
> priority on this. If it matters to PostgreSQL project members,
> encourage them to join and vote!
> Anyway, perhaps the PostgreSQL rep (xzilla) could ask at a board meeting?
> > In my opinion, keeping the accounts up to date is the _sine qua non_
> > of SPI.
> English for _sine qua non_ is "without which not" which doesn't make
> sense there but I guess this means it's a vital activity. If so, I
> agree. The Treasurer has been promising reports since June, but not
> fulfilling that promise: please will the board ask for member help?
> Some SPI members have experience as treasurers in other organisations
> (and whatever the flaws in those, none of mine went overdrawn yet) and
> while we don't know the specifics of US NPO law, I'd be amazed if
> there isn't some way to harness us.
> [...]
> > I believe it is the Board's job to do something about this: the Board
> > members are responsible for the operation of the corporation. So I
> > would like the Board to commit to a date, and provide a plan by which
> > it will be achieved.
> I hope the board will react, but I suspect we'll be told we need 21
> members or a board member or rep to make the request. So far we are
> two... who else wants to ask for a date and plan? Sign here...

I'll sign up for that demand.


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