Preparing for a contributing membership ping

From: Jonathan McDowell <noodles(at)earth(dot)li>
To: spi-general(at)lists(dot)spi-inc(dot)org
Subject: Preparing for a contributing membership ping
Date: 2012-03-01 04:35:35
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As per 2009-11-04.jmd.1 (Contributing membership expiry) I'm preparing
to send out an initial ping to all contributing members who did not vote
in the last board election. That covers 378 individuals. In an ideal
world we'd have the SPI members app provide an "I'm still active" button
as a response, but for this first pass I think it's going to be easier
to script a bunch of mails and then process responses manually.

How about the following as the ping mail:

Subject: SPI contributing membership ping

SPI membership ref: [n]


As per SPI resolution 2009-11-04.jmd.1 (Contributing membership
expiry)[0] we are in the process of cleaning up the SPI active membership
list. Our records indicate that you did not vote in the SPI Board
Election held in July 2011. We use board election turnout as an
indicator of SPI activit. As a result if we do not hear otherwise from
you within 4 weeks of this mail being sent we will deem you inactive and
downgrade your SPI membership to non-contributing status.

Please note that any sure downgrade will not preclude you restoring your
contributing membership status at a later date.


I feel we probably want some extra fluff there, but I'm not entirely
sure what to provide. Is it worth mentioning we're hoping to do some
by-law changes so it's important to have an up to date membership list


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