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Subject: Re: ASL/SPI partnership
Date: 2007-01-29 14:10:27
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On 01/29/2007 02:22 AM, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Felipe,
>> Yes, I think is is something like that. Since DebConf4,
>> is holding Debian's money and every once in a while, Brazilian Debian
>> Developers request Debian Project Leader (DPL) approval to use the money
>> to pay for a booth or to make some CDs. The money is also used in
>> situations like DebConf reimbursements.
> Hmmm. How would we handle eventual balance-of-payment issues?

Sorry, your question is not clear to me. What types of
"balance-of-payment"? I didn't understood if we are doing something
wrong or if we should be doing something else.

I already speak with people and they give me freedom
to talk with SPI and related people to have the best relationship
possible, specially between Debian and And I'm really trying
to understand what needs to be done, since mid-2006, and I'm already
happy that finally I got some answers/feedback.

So, if you think or find something wrong, let me know, I will
do my best to find out the missing points, so we can work together to
fix it.

> Given that we're liable to raise more money in the US?

Sorry, that is also not clear for me. :-(

> We can't just transfer to you. :-(

Maybe now I understand what you are talking about. By "transfer
to you" you mean to any given person in Brazil? Or to a sister organization

Brazilian laws about money are quite complex and very (*very*) hard
about sending money outside or receiving money from outside. DebConf4
Organization Team had a hard time because of that, even with O'Reilly book

I can get more info, I can even get the right people to arrange
the things and set a partnership, I would be happy to even take part on
that and be a contact person to take care of reports and requests. Just
let me know if something is wrong and what is needed so I can organize
the required info.

>> With the last change in the Debian Constitution, it seems that
>> DPL is able to apoint a list of "sister" organizations that can take
>> care of Debian's money, which is in fact what already happen, because
>> do not use the money without DPL approval and a Brazilian DD
>> "hint" (which basically means, translating and forwarding mails to the
>> right people). ;)
> Yes. If we're talking Debian only, the DPL can ask me to pay *any* Debian
> expense; he doesn't have to justify it as a sister organization or anything.
> As long as the DPL asks for it, someone produces a receipt and it's not
> something specifically prohibited, I'll pay it.

So far, that's what we did so far. DebConf4 money was considered
Debian money in Brazil, it is hard to sent it out (or back) so, DebConf4
Organization Team decided to leave it here to fund Debian related things.

> Now, I think it might be more useful to do partnerships for all SPI
> organizations. PostgreSQL, for example, has a large community in Brazil and
> no non-profit org there. I'll have to talk to them about that when I'm there
> for FISL8.

I take care of PostgreSQL-BR server, they told me you are coming,
and I'm glad that we could meet each other (perhaps sign keys :D), besides
that, we can also talk about a general partnership, I'm sure that
would be glad to host PgSQL-BR bank account.

Kind regards,

PS: I'm also a PostgreSQL big fan! :-)
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