Re: Resolution for a board membership election

From: David Graham <cdlu(at)railfan(dot)ca>
To: Anthony Towns <aj(at)azure(dot)humbug(dot)org(dot)au>
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Subject: Re: Resolution for a board membership election
Date: 2003-10-07 23:27:07
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Indeed Joey and Ian's seats expired months ago, but the board passed an
emergency resolution to extend their terms until now. Their terms having
now re-expired, I believe this is an opportunity for the board to live up
to its responsibility to the membership and not automatically re-appoint
those expired board members, as some board members were prepared to do at
today's non-quorate meeting.

David "cdlu" Graham
Guelph, Ontario

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 03:48:56PM -0400, David Graham wrote:
> > WHEREAS the Board memberships of Ian Jackson and Martin Schulze have
> > reached the end of their 3 year terms;
> Uh, surely this happened a few months ago at the AM? [0] Why are we
> only hearing about it now? (Did we have an AM? There don't seem to be
> any minutes up since March. Have there been any meetings since March?)
> Given that only Bruce, John and Mako have actually been appointed by
> vote of the membership in the first place, is there any reason for the
> rest of the board not to offer their seats up for election too?
> (A reasonable argument can be made that the remaining board members served
> in the years 2000/1, 2001/2, 2001/3 given that terms are supposed to be
> from annual meeting to annual meeting, and the appointment happened on
> 16th May 2001, which considering the apparent complete lack of activity
> during 2000, seems more reasonably considered the 1st July 2000 AM
> greatly delayed, than the 1st July 2001 AM held a few months early for
> no apparent reason.)
> (TBH, I find it difficult to believe that Joey's and Ian's seats didn't
> technically fall vacant far earlier, given they they've been making
> resolutions since 1998, and ttbomk there have been no elections at all,
> ever, save for Bruce, John and Mako's.)
> Cheers,
> aj
> [0] ``The directors to be chosen for the ensuing year shall be chosen at the
> annual meeting of this organization in the same manner and style as
> the officers of this organization and they shall serve for a term of
> three years.''
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