Draft of new associated-project-howto for review

From: Robert Brockway <robert(at)spi-inc(dot)org>
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Subject: Draft of new associated-project-howto for review
Date: 2011-09-09 16:16:45
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Hi all. I personally feel that the associated-project-howto could be made
clearer. I also read a few threads on various forums where some people
had expressed confusion over certain aspects of how SPI works, even after
reading the associated-project-howto.

I've written a new version which I'm submitting here for review. It can
be found here:


The changes I've made include:

* Rewritting the document to be in the 3rd person
* Rewritting certain sections to be clearer
* Putting information on services offered at the top[1]
* Rearranging large sections to be consistent with the new structure
* Adding more headers to stop it easier to find a relevant section.

[1] Projects considering applying for associated project status will want
to answer 'why' before they answer 'how'.

I stress this is solely my work and is not endorsed by the SPI board. I
hope that this (or something close to it) meets with the approval of the
contributing members and the board.



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