Minutes for July 7, 2003 meeting

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Subject: Minutes for July 7, 2003 meeting
Date: 2003-10-23 10:25:50
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Lists: spi-announce

SPI annual meeting, July 8, 2003
Meeting opened: 19:01 UTC
Meeting closed: 20:06 UTC

Branden Robinson
Ean Schuessler
Ian Jackson
John Goerzen
Manoj Srivastava
Martin Schulze
Wichert Akkerman

Attending SPI members:
Andrew Mulholland
Bdale Garbee
Bill Allombert
Colin Watson
David Graham
Jimmy Kaplowitz
Michael Banck
Michelle Ribeiro
Stephen Stafford

1. Opening
2. Roll call
3. Accounting update
4. resolution 2003-06-27.jpg.1 to extend the committee until January 15
5. New SPI president
6. SPI workshop at debconf
7. Date for next meeting

3. Accounting update

Branden reminded everyone of his notices which he sent to the spi-private
list. He met with a local accountant (Judy Dunlap of Carmel, Indiana) and she
was willing to work on SPI paperwork. Her rate is $110 per hour for tax
research and $35 per hour for general accounting work. She expects to need
require about 10 hours of work of which 1-1.5 will be tax research. Ian
proposed to set a fixed amount for accounting work in order to put an upper
limit on costs made. Branden suggested budgeting 500 dollar.

4. resolution 2003-06-27.jpg.1 to extend the committee until January 15

This resolution was already accepted via email vote.

5. New SPI president

SPI has not had a president for a few months. Ean has been acting as as
president and was willing to take the position. The current by-laws are
unclear on the exact procedure for electing officers Ean asked if electing
a new president should be postponed. Nobody agreed, however the by-laws do
dictate that the officers have to be appointed at this annual meeting.
Ian notes that people with unexpired terms get a reprieve until next year.
Wichert suggest promoting John to replace Ean as vice president. Everyone
agrees and Branden moves that the board do this.

Vote on promoting Ean Schuessler to president of the board and appointing
John Goerzen as vice president:

Branden: in favour
Ian: in favour
John: abstains
Manoj: in favour
Manoj: in favour
Wichert: in favour

The motion passes with five votes in favour, one abstention and none against.

Since Joey and Ian have served their period they need to be reappointed.
Branden moved that Martin "Joey" Schulze and Ian Jackson's terms be extended
until October 1, 2003; or until a vote by the membership using the Condorcet
method to constitute a new Board is certified; or until the Bylaws are amended
so as to re-define the process by which the Board is elected and a vote or
other appointment certified under that process, whichever comes first.

Branden: in favour
Bruce: in favour
Ean: in favour
Ian: in favour
John: in favour
Manoj: in favour
Wichert: in favour

The motion carries with seven votes in favour and non against.

6. SPI workshop at debconf

There will be a few board members at debconf. Benj. Mako Hill will be running a
workshop there to discuss SPI related topics.

7. Date for next meeting

The date for the next meeting is set to July 29, at 19:00 UTC.

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