SPI seeking IT contractor - please read for details

Lists: spi-general
From: Jimmy Kaplowitz <president(at)spi-inc(dot)org>
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Subject: SPI seeking IT contractor - please read for details
Date: 2019-03-09 02:56:40
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Lists: spi-general

Hi everyone,

Entirely separate from the other thread about contracting with Martin
Michlmayr for financial bookkeeping help, we also need paid help on some
IT tasks. For this we are doing an open call here for expressions of


SPI is looking for a person or organisation that:
- can help SPI help to maintain its infrastructure
- understands Open Source Software and standards
- can maintain Linux based systems

Tasks to do
- Phase I - Initial tasks (8 person-days):
- Continue work started by Michael Schultheiss migrating away from
Bytemark, which since being acquired is becoming rapidly less
viable as a host for us
- progress backup efforts in two different clouds: AWS and GCP
- Setup new Debian stable VMs (one per service) at GCP
- RT
- Web server
- RT software
- PostgreSQL database
- import old data and migrate to new version of RT
- migrate two boxes nameserver(s) with existing configs
- make these redundant (either in separate regions or clouds)
- Mail server
- replicate existing configs
- update MX records
- Web server
- Web server
- ikiwiki 'compiler'
- Mailing lists
- still mailman2
- Git (gitolite)
- Phase II - initial task (not on bytemark, lower priority than
- Membership site
- Webserver
- Python Flask
- PostgreSQL Database
- NB not at bytemark, move from hosting by a community member
- Ongoing Tasks (10h a month) for 3 months
- Check backups/restores once a week
- Install security updates at least once a week
- Debian upgrades (including major release versions)
- Config management upon request from board@
- Make sure we are up and running once a day (pager setup?)
- Report to the board directly before the board meeting

This would be on an independent contractor basis. Price is negotiable,
but we have discussed it within the board and have numbers in mind that
should be fair to many of you. (Of course, we can't compete with the
rates that wealthy companies pay, but still fair.)

If any of you are interested or have questions, please email
board(at)spi-inc(dot)org as soon as possible; likewise please feel free to
forward this email to other potentially interested parties who should
themselves feel free to email board(at)spi-inc(dot)org(dot)

We will consider potential contractors on a rolling basis as you contact
us, so don't delay. We hope to make a decision by early April. Although
this will not require a formal board vote, I will consult with the other
board members and reach a useful level of internal agreement before
signing a contract in my capacity as SPI President.

Thanks in advance!

- Jimmy Kaplowitz, SPI President