Questions concerning Open Source software...

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From: Thomas Andersen <nufan(at)forum(dot)dk>
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Subject: Questions concerning Open Source software...
Date: 1999-12-10 23:40:39
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Lists: spi-general

We are a couple of students from Denmark, who are studying an Open
Source course.

We are currently writing an exam project, in which we intend to focus on
the differences between free software and Open Source software, and to
some extend proprietary software. We will try to look at the people who
support the various kinds of software, and their reasons why.

I order to do this; we hope that you will take the time to answer some
questions. We have tried to keep short, so that we wonÂ’t take too much
of your time.

Furthermore, if you have a friend who would like to answer these
questions, feel free to forward this message. Note! Answer to the
questions should be mailed to the following address: nufan(at)forum(dot)dk

Best regards,

Eivind Bengtsson
Thomas Andersen

Students at Copenhagen Business School (in english)

Course homepage:
(in danish)

Which Open Source projects are you currently working on?

What is your motivation for doing so?

What do you gain from your work on Open Source projects?

What role do you play in the project?

Is hacking a part-time or full-time occupation?

What is your daytime job?
_ Work as a developer on proprietary software
_ Work as a developer on Open Source software
_ Work as a developer on free software?
_ Something else, which? _________________________

How do you feel about commercial businesses porting their applications
to Linux (Oracle, Corel, SAP, Lotus)?

If you feel that we have missed some very important questions regarding
this subject, feel free to append comments.