SPI Board Meeting September 2007

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From: MJ Ray <mjr(at)phonecoop(dot)coop>
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Subject: SPI Board Meeting September 2007
Date: 2007-09-20 08:17:30
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Lists: spi-general

The meeting was last night (to me) and the usual day has changed
to Wednesdays from now on. I've posted a log at
until the board start posting them to the SPI site again (logs
are on the unlinked page
but the most recent just now is 2007-05).


# <Ganneff> [item 3, President's Report] - no Bdale, no report.

# <Ganneff> [item 4, Treasurer's Report]
# <schultmc> jberkus and I have hired an intern to help us get caught
up on data entry
# <schultmc> no formal report at this time - should be coming soon
# <jberkus> credit cards are up to date, working on checks

# <Ganneff> [item 6, Outstanding minutes]
# <Maulkin> Once again, I'm afraid I don't have any sets to present.
I'll try and get these done shortly.

# <Ganneff> 2007-09-19.jdd.1 - Review and determination of
transaction providers
# <luk> I would rather go for 'at least every 12 months if at all
# <linuxpoet> I do not find that required, as the board can always
call a vote to defer
# <cdlu> linuxpoet, if you consider it a friendly amendment then we
can put it right to a vote and dispose of it. does it hurt your
resolution's purpose?
# <linuxpoet> cdlu: My concern is simple, the amendment opens the
door for, "I couldn't get to it..."
# <luk> and if it is not done, there should be very good reasons
otherwise it would have been possible...
# <linuxpoet> I believe the resolution is satisfactory. If it doesn't
pass. It doesn't pass but I believe I have taken into account all
reasonable language and have provided several drafts of modifications.
Based on those considerations, plus the fact that I am more than
willing to participate in the work itself, I believe we should go to

# <Maulkin> Current voting results for "Amend 2007-09-19.jdd.1 to
include 'at least every 12 months if at all possible'": Yes: 6, No: 2,
Abstain: 0, Missing: 0 ()

# <Maulkin> Current voting results for "Approve 2007-09-19.jdd.5.lc.1
(as amended) - Review and determination of transaction providers":
Yes: 7, No: 0, Abstain: 1, Missing: 0 ()

# <Ganneff> [item 8, Next board meeting]
# <Ganneff> Wednesday 17th Oct, 2007 - 20:00 UTC

Any comments on the meeting?
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