RE: berlin hosting .. ?

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From: Brent Fulgham <brent(dot)fulgham(at)xpsystems(dot)com>
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Subject: RE: berlin hosting .. ?
Date: 1999-10-13 16:04:48
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Lists: spi-general

> >
> > omniidl2 comes from the non-free packages omniorb. It is not
> > compileable with free packages, it must go to contrib.
> >
> >free packages, it must go to contrib.
> omniorb's copyright says it is GPL. I can't see any reason why it is in
> (omniorb version 2.8.0pre2-1)

Omniorb is GPL. It makes use of some Sun Microsystems code for its IDL
interpreter, which has non-DFSG constraints on it (you can add functionality
to the code, but not remove it). My attempts to have Sun free this source
have to date been unsuccessful.

For this reason, omniorb-dev has to go in non-free, and the rest in contrib.

The omniorb creators are in the process of creating a new front end that
will not suffer from these licensing issues. At that time, omniorb and
everything depending on it may go into main.