Minutes for August 6th, 2001

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Subject: Minutes for August 6th, 2001
Date: 2004-09-07 22:08:51
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The following minutes were adopted (as written at the time) by the Board
of Directors on September 7th, 2004:

06-08-2001 SPI Meeting


1. approve meeting minutes from July 10 Board meeting (Ean)
... finished minutes need to be sent to the board before the meeting!!!

2. treasurer report (Scott)
... transfer of materials from Darren
... accounts status
... getting insurance for spi (?)

3. membership report (Nils)
... nm.spi-inc.org page status
... resolution to form a membership ctte
... guidelines for membership

4. OS ctte report (Ean)
... status of ctte
... ean's white paper
... OSI's request to have opensource domain turned over

5. LinuxPPC update (Wichert)

6. SPI lawyer situation (Nils, Ean, Ben, Chris)
... discuss how 'crypto in main' is doing (just a status, not details!)
... see what Chris has in mind for DMCA
... general comments from Chris re: woriking with SPI

7. set date for the next board meeting
8. miscellaneous


* Ean commits to get the remainded of the last meeting's minutes

* Discussion about the treasurer position:
- - CQ to call Scott and see if he is able to fulfill the duties of
the position.

* LinuxPPC
- - Current problems center around bandwidth costs.
- - Partial work to create a LinuxPPC non-profit is already complete.
- - Should he make his own non-profit or make it part of SPI.
- - Making another sounds like a duplication of effort.
- - Need SPI to pay for a $1300.00 per month T1.
- - SPI would help PPC get sales through ThinkGeek, etc. and hold a
portion of the profits until needed by the project.
- - Jeff Carr would also transfer the debianppc.* and linuxgnu.* domains.
- - No desire to stay in the dist business.
- - Would disband the existing LinuxPPC business when assets are moved
to SPI.
- - MOTION CARRIES: SPI will proceed with LinuxPCC integration as an SPI
affiliated project and work with Jeff Carr on this.

* Membership Committee
- - Slight changes in wording to Resolution 2001-08-06.nl giving the
board the ability to remove members or disband the committee.
- - MOTION CARRIES: Adopt Resolution 2001-08-06.nl with changes. (with
recommendation by Branden Robinson)
- - MOTION CARRIES: Nils and Martin Michlmayr ( who's said he wants to do
it already) be the ctte for now and start getting the membership as
soon as the pages are completed. (with recommendation by Branden

* OpenSource committee
- - Ean Schuessler posts a link to a partially complete OS situation
- - Ean invites anyone willing to help with the document to do so.
- - MOTION CARRIES: unclean will work out a proposal including letters
he would like to sent so that can be discussed at the next SPI board
meeting. If he does not have them by them we will proceed with option
b, which is transfer the domains and publicly state why we do that
(give up on open source et al). (with recommendation by Branden

* Crypto-in-main.
- - Chris Rourk had not recieved the crypto-in-main document from HP and
it was mailed to him.
- - There was a great deal of discussion about the dangers of prosecution.
- - Voting deferred until the next meeting.

* Domain transfers
- - MOTION CARRIES: Transfer SPI domains from NSI to OpenSRS

* DMCA report
- - Chris Rourk had no progress to report about the DMCA.
- - Branden Robinson suggested talking to Rick Boucher D-VA

* Next Meeting
- - Discussed having the next meeting on September 17th or 24th.
- - Ean Schuessler requested 17th.


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David Graham, SPI Secretary

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