Minutes for September 7th, 2004

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Subject: Minutes for September 7th, 2004
Date: 2004-10-05 20:22:08
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The following minutes were adopted by the Board of Directors on October
5th, 2004:

1. Meeting opened at 19:00 UTC on September 7th, 2004 and took place in
#spi on irc.spi-inc.org


2. Roll Call

Board members present:
John Goerzen (President)
David Graham (Secretary)
Jimmy Kaplowitz (Treasurer)
Bdale Garbee
Ian Jackson
Bruce Perens
Martin Schulze

Board members absent, with regrets:
Branden Robinson

Board members absent:
Benj. Mako Hill (Vice President)

Registered guests present:
Michael Banck
Drew Scott Daniels
Matt Kraai
Michael Schultheiss
Jonathan McDowell
Phil Brooke
MJ Ray


3. President's Report

President John Goerzen informs the Board of Directors that the 2004
SPI Annual Report has been published.

It can be found at: http://www.spi-inc.org/~jgoerzen/ar2004/

John Goerzen also advises that the Indiana Attorney General's office has
received a complaint about SPI. He advised that he and Branden Robinson
have sent an official response to the Indiana AG's office, but have not
yet received a response. He considers the matter closed.


4. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Jimmy Kaplowitz reports that all donations received as of one
week before the meeting have been deposited in our bank accounts, and that
2 receipts will be sent following the meeting, as requested by donators.

He reports that former Treasurer Branden Robinson will be retained as the
Deputy Treasurer to help split the work-load. Hired help will be
forthcoming should they fall behind in the paperwork.

So far, a total of $36 has been used of his monthly $100/month treasury
budget. These reimbursements will be taken following the switchover to an
as-yet undertermined new bank.

The new bank will be one of:
First Internet Bank of Indiana
Fleet Bank (about to merge with Bank of America)
Ideally, the bank will allow ATM deposits for both Jimmy and Branden, and
the home branch will be changeable.

Another idea for us is the use of PakMail or another mail forwarding
service to give us one permanent forwarding address, regardless of who or
where a Treasurer is. The cost is estimated at $20-$30 per month.


5. Outstanding Minutes
August 6th, 2001
September 17th, 2001
November 11th, 2003
August 10th, 2004

The minutes, some as much as 3 years old, were voted on all together.
Should the vote have failed, it would have gone to individual votes.

On approving all 4 sets of minutes:

David Graham: Yes
Bruce Perens: Yes
Ian Jackson: Yes
Martin Schulze: Abstain
John Goerzen: Yes
Jimmy Kaplowitz: Abstain
Bdale Garbee: Abstain

Yes: 4, No: 0, Abstain: 3

All outstanding minutes are approved.


6. Selecting New Legal Counsel

John Goerzen reports that long-time SPI legal counsel Chris Rourk has
resigned. John expresses his gratitude to Chris' years of service.

John Goerzen reports that Gregory Pomerantz of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen &
Hamilton has volunteered to be our primary pro-bono counsel. SPI has
already worked with him in the past.

Resolution 2004-09-07.dbg.2 (see Appendix B) accepts Gregory Pomerantz'

There is no further discussion, vote results:

Martin Schulze: Yes
Ian Jackson: Yes
Jimmy Kaplowitz: Yes
Bruce Perens: Yes
David Graham: Yes
Bdale Garbee: Yes
John Goerzen: Yes

Yes: 7, No: 0, Abstain: 0

Gregory Pomerantz is now our legal counsel.


7. OFTC's Election

David Graham advises that member project OFTC requires the use of SPI's
servers and an SPI member who is not on OFTC's staff to oversee OFTC's
upcoming staff elections.

There are no objections to using SPI's server for the service. It is
suggested that this service be offered to all member projects.


8. Next meeting

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, October 5th, 2004 at 19:00 UTC in
channel #spi on irc.spi-inc.org.


Appendix A: Current Board Membership

Date elected Name Role
[2003-03-11] John Goerzen President
[2003-03-11] Benjamin Mako Hill Vice President
[2003-11-29] David Graham Secretary
[2004-02-20] Jimmy Kaplowitz Treasurer
[2004-07-29] Bdale Garbee
[2004-07-29] Branden Robinson
[2003-11-29] Ian Jackson
[2003-03-11] Bruce Perens
[2003-11-29] Martin "Joey" Schulze


Appendix B: Approved Resolutions

Resolution 2004-09-07.dbg.2: New Legal Counsel

WHEREAS SPI's legal counsel, Chris Rourk, has resigned,

and WHEREAS Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, represented by Greg
Pomerantz, is willing to serve as SPI's pro bono legal counsel,

The Board of SPI hereby resolves that:

Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton is SPI's new pro bono legal counsel,
under all the same conditions as previous counsel.


Appendix C: Meeting Log

00:22 <CosmicRay> *GAVEL*
00:29 <CosmicRay> [item 1, opening] Today's Software in the Public Interest meeting is called to order.
00:29 <CosmicRay> Today's agenda and any pending resolutions are listed at http://www.spi-inc.org/secretary/agenda/
00:35 <CosmicRay> [item 2, roll call] Board members, please state your name for the record. I note for the record that regrets have been received from Branden Robinson and Jimmy Kaplowitz.
00:40 <bdale> Bdale Garbee
00:47 <CosmicRay> John Goerzen
00:48 <Hydroxide> Jimmy Kaplowitz
00:51 <cdlu> David Graham
01:02 <cdlu> Joey: if you're here, please say *something* :)
01:05 <cdlu> Bruce: roll call in progress
01:10 <Diziet> Ian Jackson
01:10 <BrucePerens> Bruce Perens
01:38 <CosmicRay> is that everyone?
02:06 <cdlu> that's 6, is enough to get going.
02:06 <CosmicRay> OK, that makes 6 so quorum is met.
02:16 <CosmicRay> [item 3, president's update] Most of the items that have come up in the last month will be discussed later on in the meeting.
02:20 <CosmicRay> Aside from that, the 2004 annual report was published.
02:28 <CosmicRay> Also, SPI received a complaint that was lodged with the Indiana Attorney General's office. Apprently someone was questioning the validity of SPI as a corporation.
02:29 <CosmicRay> However, that person only checked records in Indiana and not New York. I drafted, and Branden Robinson sent, a reply to the AG's office explaining the situation.
02:29 <CosmicRay> Although we haven't yet received a follow-up from the AG's office, we believe the matter is closed.
02:29 <CosmicRay> This item was not a lawsuit or legal action, just the handling of a complaint.
02:46 <CosmicRay> any comments/questions?
03:09 <Joey> Branden wanted to call the attorne, but hasn't reached him yet, right?
03:14 <CosmicRay> correct
03:19 * cdlu notes Joey's presence
03:20 <CosmicRay> he has left voice mail
03:28 <Hydroxide> Joey: he tried multiple times, and hopefully that will show good faith on our part
03:29 <Joey> Ok, then we'll need to wait until he succeeds
03:44 <bdale> agreed
04:02 <CosmicRay> ok, let's move on then
04:07 <CosmicRay> [item 4, treasurer's report] Jimmy, you have the floor.
04:09 * bdale wouldn't call the matter closed until we have some feedback from the AG's office, but we're waiting
04:19 <Hydroxide> okay
04:31 <Hydroxide> I have been busy with treasurer tasks lately
04:48 <Hydroxide> Most importantly, I have cleared (as of 1 or 2 weeks ago) the backlog of deposits that had arrived in Providence
04:52 <Hydroxide> they are all sent to AmEx
04:53 <Diziet> Excellent. Any progress with getting some hired help ?
04:59 <Hydroxide> I have two receipts that I plan to mail today or tomorrow
05:24 <Hydroxide> Diziet: Well, this isn't hired help, of course, but Branden is going to be sharing the load with me as Deputy Treasurer
05:39 <Diziet> Well, that's an improvement over just one volunteer, I suppose.
05:53 <Hydroxide> Diziet: I think we can manage like that, but if it turns out that we start falling behind I will definitely look into other options
05:58 <cdlu> Hydroxide: who, for the record, are you sending receipts to? everyone, some people?
05:59 * bdale completes his work teleconf, and gives this meeting 100% of his attention
06:12 <Hydroxide> cdlu: those two people who requested them, either explicitly or by enclosing a SASE
06:20 <Diziet> hy: OK.
06:37 <CosmicRay> Hydroxide: how about the bank switchover situation?
06:39 <cdlu> Hydroxide: ok. Also, how much of your budget have you currently used?
06:43 <Hydroxide> CosmicRay: I'm coming to that
06:47 <CosmicRay> ok, sorry
07:19 <Hydroxide> cdlu: not much, although I am owed $36 for the PO box costs and a bit more for mailing fees
07:31 <Hydroxide> cdlu: depending on what bank we switch to, there may be a monthly fee
07:52 <cdlu> ok, though we should be sure to get an account whose interest exceeds the bank fees
08:02 <cdlu> we're not depositing pocket change
08:19 <Hydroxide> cdlu: true, if necessary. I will be looking for a special deal for nonprofits, if such a thing is available
08:22 <bdale> Hydroxide: two suggestions. first, don't be shy about getting reimbursed. second, please don't wait until you think you're overwhelmed to get professional bookkeeping help.
08:39 <Hydroxide> bdale: *nod*
08:52 <bdale> it is *much* easier to set up processes with a bookkeeper when things are calm
08:53 <CosmicRay> both good suggestions, bdale.
08:57 <Diziet> hy: If you get too snowed under to look for the help yourself, let someone know and I'm sure we can sort it out ...
09:00 <Hydroxide> bdale: as for the reimbursement, I'm waiting until we do the bank switchover so that I can use the new checkbook
09:17 <Hydroxide> Diziet: thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I may follow through with that suggestion depending on how things go
09:41 <Hydroxide> okay, about the bank switchover: I am looking at two banks right now, First Internet Bank of Indiana and Fleet (the latter of which is soon merging with Bank of America)
09:52 <bdale> Hydroxide: ok, that's fine. I've watched too many cases where volunteers got to feeling they weren't doing a good job and so stopped asking forreimbursements out of some sense of guilt, which only compounded the problem. thus, I'm alert for such things.
10:16 <Hydroxide> So far I have contacted Fleet via phone, and the representative didn't know much about their offerings for nonprofits. They referred me to alocal branch, and I'll call them when I get a chance.
10:20 <Hydroxide> I haven't talked to FirstIB yet
10:36 <Hydroxide> I plan to make sure that Branden and I will both be able to do ATM deposits even though we're in different states
10:37 <CosmicRay> Hydroxide: this all has to happen fairly quickly, right? The AmEx accounts close later this month or so?
10:39 <Hydroxide> and that the home branch can change
10:41 <Hydroxide> CosmicRay: yes
10:58 <bdale> the hard part is probably picking one, opening an account should be easy/fast
11:03 <Hydroxide> bdale: *nod*
11:22 <Hydroxide> I'm hoping that Fleet/BoA has a good nonprofit deal and that deposits are possible from multiple states
11:37 <Hydroxide> but we could go with FirstIB as well, of course. I don't think either account was interest-bearing
11:47 <slef> do any US banks have ethical policies?
12:02 <CosmicRay> not generally
12:09 <Hydroxide> slef: yes, but there are usually logistical inconveniences in dealing with those few banks (because they're so small)
12:25 <Hydroxide> slef: as CR said, most don't
12:28 <CosmicRay> credit unions might be more likely to have them.
12:35 <CosmicRay> but ditto hydroxide's comments
12:45 <Hydroxide> we want something large enough that it will be convenient for future treasurers as well as me and Branden
12:51 <Hydroxide> Fleet/BoA or FirstIB should fit that bill
12:55 <Joey> banks with ethical policies? Isn't that an oxymoron?
13:00 <Hydroxide> Joey: heh
13:01 <slef> I suggest the board bearing it in mind during evaluation.
13:03 * bdale ^5's Joey
13:17 <CosmicRay> anything else, Hydroxide?
13:21 <Hydroxide> one more bit
13:32 <Hydroxide> Branden, David, John and I were discussing the use of PakMail, a mail forwarding service
13:39 <bdale> doing business with large banks in the US isn't really as bad as it sometimes sounds. it's just important to keep up with statements and such in a timely manner.
13:50 <Hydroxide> this would be in order to forward mail to me, Branden, or a future Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer as the situation demands
13:58 <Hydroxide> they would be able to adjust this with a phone call
14:10 <cdlu> and it gives us the benefit of having a permanent address without a permanent location
14:12 <Hydroxide> yes
14:18 <bdale> sounds reasonable. what's it cost?
14:32 <slef> Joey: there are at least two of decent convenience in the UK. Co-operative Bank allows you to transact via our post offices (end of my street, for example)
14:48 <CosmicRay> bdale: checking...
14:52 <Hydroxide> I'm hunting for the mail right now, but I recalled it being in the $20-$30 range including shipping and such ... it might be less though
14:57 <bdale> monthly?
15:09 <cdlu> yeah. that's 1/4 of the budget
15:14 <CosmicRay> Hydroxide: I think it may have been more like $10 but yeah
15:19 <CosmicRay> basically there's a flat monthly fee
15:22 <bdale> ok
15:30 <Hydroxide> your mail said $27.83
15:31 <CosmicRay> then we pay for the actual costs of having items forwarded however often we want that to happen
15:35 <CosmicRay> oh ok, I stand corrected.
15:41 <Hydroxide> although that was a prediction
15:42 <Hydroxide> based on usage
15:50 <bdale> I'm fine with spending money to run the organization, but we need to make sure our annual operating expenses remain "reasonable" for an organization of our means and donation rate.
15:51 <Hydroxide> so I think you're still right about how it works
15:59 <CosmicRay> also costs vary based on the pakmail store we choose. I simply used one close to branden in Indianapolis as a benchmark
16:26 <CosmicRay> one benefit of pakmail over a PO box with forwarding is that pakmail's forwarding never expires
16:33 <CosmicRay> the USPS has no infinite forwarding system
16:56 <bdale> right, though "never expires" of course means within the lifetime of pakmail as a company
17:04 <CosmicRay> true
17:23 <CosmicRay> anything else?
17:37 <Hydroxide> that's all I have...
17:47 <CosmicRay> ok then shall we move on?
17:50 <Hydroxide> *nod*
17:50 <Joey> good. next?
17:53 <CosmicRay> [item 5, outstanding minutes] David, has this passed in e-mail voting, or do we still need to discuss it here?
18:05 <cdlu> negative, it failed in email voting.
18:05 <Joey> I don't think so.
18:12 <Hydroxide> I think it needs to be discussed ... I'd suggest we vote on each minutes individually
18:24 <Hydroxide> so that I can say yes for those minutes that I was present for and abstain for the others
18:25 <Diziet> It's good to hear about all of this stuff, but I'd just like to point out that Jimmy has full authority to do any of these things if they fall within his budget, so he shouldn't feel the need to come back to us for approval. Consultation is good, but we don't need formal resolutions.
18:30 <bdale> hang on
18:35 <Diziet> cdlu: It failed ?
18:41 <cdlu> I propose that these old minutes be accepted by the board as accurate records of the meetings as recorded by the board of the time, in the interests of a completed history.
18:45 <Hydroxide> Diziet: yes, I am just keeping people in the loop
18:50 <Diziet> hy: Good.
18:52 <bdale> does the current board contain enough members who were present at the meetings in question to actually be able to pass for each meeting? I don't know.
19:19 <cdlu> Diziet: yes, it did not receive enough affirmative votes.
19:19 <Diziet> It only takes one in favour and lots of abstentions, worst case.
19:21 <CosmicRay> bdale: there's no requirement that the members of the board now have been actually there in order to approve minutes
19:26 <Diziet> cdlu: Are you counting mine ?
19:31 <bdale> I'd be happy if all the current board members present at the meetings in question agree that they accurately reflect those meetings
19:32 <cdlu> Diziet: did you send a vote?
19:34 <Diziet> Yes.
19:39 <Diziet> About an hour ago.
19:44 <cdlu> no, it expired on the 2nd
19:47 <Diziet> Oh, damn.
19:50 <Joey> It failed? diziet did vote yes and you said that only one more yes was mising.
19:55 <Joey> ARGS
20:05 * Joey slaps Diziet with a large trout
20:06 <Diziet> Well let's just pass it now then.
20:11 <CosmicRay> well shall we just vote now? it sounds like we would have enough to pass them all at once.
20:12 * Diziet apologises.
20:12 <CosmicRay> shall we do that?
20:15 <Diziet> Yes.
20:18 <cdlu> anyway, I suggest we vote on all 4 right here/now, and if it fails we vote on each individually.
20:20 <bdale> works for me
20:25 <Joey> ack
20:28 <cdlu> ok
20:30 <CosmicRay> OK, let's vote on approving the four minutes identified by David.
20:32 <CosmicRay> !vote start
20:32 <cdlu> !vote start
20:33 <bolt> Starting a new vote
20:33 <bolt> Starting a new vote
20:35 <cdlu> hehe
20:36 <cdlu> !vote yes
20:38 <bolt> Noted yes vote from cdlu
20:38 <BrucePerens> vote yes
20:40 <Diziet> !vote yes
20:40 <Joey> !vote apstain
20:41 <bolt> Noted yes vote from Diziet
20:41 <bolt> Usage: !vote (start|stop|yes|no|abstain)
20:44 <Joey> !vote abstain
20:45 <bolt> Noted abstain vote from Joey
20:47 <BrucePerens> !vote yes
20:47 <bolt> Noted yes vote from BrucePerens
20:49 <CosmicRay> !vote yes
20:50 <bolt> Noted yes vote from CosmicRay
20:52 <Hydroxide> !vote abstain
20:52 <bolt> Noted abstain vote from Hydroxide
20:59 <bdale> !vote abstain
21:00 <bolt> Noted abstain vote from bdale
21:09 <cdlu> everyone present has voted
21:10 <cdlu> !vote stop
21:11 <bolt> vote result: yes. 4 yes votes, 0 no votes and 3 abstains
21:13 <Diziet> Right.
21:21 <cdlu> ok, we have lots of approved minutes now
21:25 <Hydroxide> *nod*
21:26 <CosmicRay> ok, next item.
21:30 <bdale> I'm happy
21:35 <CosmicRay> [item 6, legal counsel] Long-time pro-bono legal counsel Chris Rourk recently resigned. I'd like to thank him for his many years of servicefor SPI.
21:35 <CosmicRay> Gregory Pomerantz of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton has volunteered to be our primary pro-bono counsel. SPI has already worked with himin the past.
21:35 <CosmicRay> We have resolution 2004-09-07.dbg.2 to accept Gregory's offer. Are there any objections, or are we ready to vote?
21:44 <Hydroxide> no objection from me
21:55 <Diziet> I'm ready to vote.
22:04 <bdale> vote
22:05 <CosmicRay> bruce, does the new wording satisfy you
22:06 <Joey> Bruce had objections, are they worked in?
22:15 <Joey> ... apparently...
22:28 <cdlu> Joey: I tried to, but... Bruce? :)
22:34 * cdlu waits for agreement
22:39 <BrucePerens> Where is the new resolution?
22:43 <Hydroxide> BrucePerens: in the agenda
22:43 <cdlu> on the agenda page
22:45 <bdale> BrucePerens: in the agenda
22:46 <CosmicRay> http://www.spi-inc.org/secretary/agenda/#2004-09-07.dbg.1
22:50 <Hydroxide> http://www.spi-inc.org/secretary/agenda/#2004-09-07.dbg.2
22:56 <Hydroxide> CosmicRay: typo in yours
22:56 <CosmicRay> what hydroxide said
22:59 <cdlu> hehe
22:59 <CosmicRay> right
23:03 <cdlu> doesn't matter, they'd both load
23:06 <Hydroxide> *nod*
23:23 <BrucePerens> Oops, had to reload web cache. Hold on...
23:40 <BrucePerens> Aye, that is acceptable language. OK to start vote.
23:46 <CosmicRay> OK, vote is on 2004-09-07.dbg.2
23:48 <CosmicRay> !vote start
23:48 <Joey> !vote yes
23:49 <bolt> Starting a new vote
23:49 <bolt> Noted yes vote from Joey
23:49 <Diziet> !vote yes
23:50 <bolt> Noted yes vote from Diziet
23:51 <Hydroxide> !vote yes
23:52 <bolt> Noted yes vote from Hydroxide
23:53 <BrucePerens> !vote yes
23:53 <bolt> Noted yes vote from BrucePerens
23:54 <cdlu> !vote yes
23:55 <bolt> Noted yes vote from cdlu
23:55 <bdale> !vote yes
23:56 <bolt> Noted yes vote from bdale
23:56 <CosmicRay> !vote yes
23:57 <bolt> Noted yes vote from CosmicRay
24:03 <cdlu> !vote stop
24:04 <bolt> vote result: yes. 7 yes votes, 0 no votes and 0 abstains
24:05 <Hydroxide> mmm. unanimity.
24:08 <CosmicRay> OK, that passes.
24:13 <CosmicRay> I will inform Greg.
24:15 <cdlu> rather nicely :)
24:18 <bdale> did everyone see my note about the legal help in .au?
24:22 <BrucePerens> Sorry to hold you up. Thanks for responding.
24:45 <CosmicRay> saw it, bdale
24:50 <CosmicRay> didn't really have anything to add
24:53 <CosmicRay> we don't have any formal registry
24:57 <BrucePerens> I saw the note. The first thing we need to know is what is our legal status as a US corporation in AU?
25:02 <bdale> ok, make sure Greg knows about him I guess.
25:29 <CosmicRay> btw, do we wish to extend an offer to greg to be on -board?
25:38 <bdale> I'm more than happy to communicate with him, but having Greg talk to him might be quicker?
25:38 <CosmicRay> I think Chris was, but I'm not certain
25:49 <bdale> legal counsel should be on -board
25:53 <Hydroxide> I didn't think Chris was on board
26:00 <Hydroxide> s/board/-board/
26:00 <BrucePerens> Chris attended meetings but was not on the board, I think.
26:02 <cdlu> CosmicRay: I don't see any reason why not
26:08 <slef> Why did Chris resign?
26:10 <Hydroxide> BrucePerens: I didn't even think he attended meetings
26:13 <bdale> on the mailing list, not considered a member of the board
26:17 <CosmicRay> slef: his employment situation changed
26:17 <Joey> slef: chagned job
26:20 <cdlu> slef: changed law firms and the new one wasn't as friendly to it
26:23 <Hydroxide> slef: he just switched firms and he didn't have the logistics worked out yet at the new place
26:32 <Hydroxide> cdlu: I didn't even think it was that, I thought he just hadn't worked it out yet
26:48 <BrucePerens> He may be able to help us again some day.
26:50 * cdlu shrugs philosophically
26:50 * bdale read that as a different level of support
27:08 <CosmicRay> ok. are we ready to move on?
27:12 <bdale> yes
27:19 <CosmicRay> [item 7, OFTC election] cdlu or cryogen, do you want to explain the situation for us here?
27:42 <cdlu> ok
27:50 <cdlu> cryogen's not around so I'll describe it briefly
28:03 <cdlu> basically OFTC has an election every October and we need someone who is not on our staff to oversee it
28:10 <cdlu> to ensure impartiality and no vote tampering, etc
28:23 <cdlu> Peter Palfraeder, weasel, has written voting software for this election
28:32 <CosmicRay> are you on the OFTC staff?
28:36 <cdlu> and we need 1) agreement from the board to use a server at SPI to host the vote, and 2) someone who is not on staff to be that overseer
28:46 <cdlu> CosmicRay: yes, as are weasel and Hydroxide
28:57 <CosmicRay> wiggy seems a logical choice for #2 if he is willing
29:17 * cdlu nods in agreement to both parts of that statement
29:18 * Hydroxide does pretty much nothing as part of OFTC staff, but is on the staff
29:24 <CosmicRay> I think this is a good service SPI can provide for member projects.
30:05 <slef> So, this isn't devotee?
30:13 <bdale> I agree that it seems like a reasonable service. it would scale better if we picked one voting infrastructure and offered it to all member projects, perhaps?
30:15 <cdlu> well, basically are there any objections to SPI doing this? if not, we can go ahead without further ado
30:25 <CosmicRay> I have no objection
30:27 <cdlu> bdale: our voting system and structure is embedded in our constitution
30:33 <cdlu> bdale: and differs from Debian's
30:43 <bdale> right, always a mistake. ;-)
30:47 <cdlu> hehe
30:51 <CosmicRay> to differ from Debian? :-)
30:54 <slef> I suggest the overseer should audit the vote software.
30:59 <bdale> to embed process details in constitutions.
31:01 <cdlu> well we use straight preferential balloting, rather than condorcet
31:37 <CosmicRay> well it sounds like you have a go on this, cdlu
31:42 <CosmicRay> are we ready to move on?
31:45 <cdlu> great, we'll work on it then. thanks
31:57 * cdlu is
31:59 <CosmicRay> [next meeting date] Our next meeting is regularly scheduled for October 5 at 19:00 UTC. Any objections?
32:07 <bdale> looking
32:18 <cdlu> none here
32:21 <slef> It would be embarrassing to lose an SPI server because of unreliable vote software :D
32:25 <bdale> ok here
32:38 <Hydroxide> fine
32:38 <CosmicRay> slef: nobody would ever know why it happened, we've lost purcel so many times before :-)
32:40 <CosmicRay> ok.
32:44 <CosmicRay> This meeting of the board of SPI is adjourned.
32:44 <cdlu> heh
32:46 <CosmicRay> *GAVEL*

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David Graham, SPI Secretary

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